Our Goal Is
To Be An Extension Of Your Team

CMB Network Support offers professional IT services for businesses of all sizes. Our trained professionals will help you select solutions that maximize the capabilities of your computer systems and enhance the productivity of your workforce. Our team can assist you in creating a valued return on investment whether it is implementation of new applications, maintaining security of your networks (including virus protection and disaster recovery), or writing a custom software solution to solve a specific problem. In addition, our team can evaluate your current system, develop strategies for upgrades to the latest technologies and migrate your old data to new systems and assist you in protecting your confidential data. Our goal is to be an extension of your team, offering more up-to-date solutions with less downtime and interruption.

Some services we offer are listed bellow.

Network Design & Support

Upgrade information systems to leverage the latest applications – Newer operating systems and applications have been developed to take advantage of faster processing powers that are only available in newer hardware technologies. Whether your organization needs desktop support to upgrade operating systems on individual workstations and servers or migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, CMB can help. Our computer consultants will work with your organization to create an optimal upgrade and migration plan that will streamline the transition from old to new with minimal service interruption. Contact us for more information on computer consulting and solutions.

Protect hardware, software and data against threats – Older workstations and servers running on unsupported operating systems are vulnerable against the rapidly changing threat landscape. Newer operating systems which are supported by vendors will have frequent security patches to protect IT systems from newly identified vulnerabilities. Upgrading servers and workstations will ensure that your organization’s IT systems are protected against external threats such as viruses, phishing schemes, and network scans. 

Computer Upgrade & Migration Services – As your organization matures and information technologies become increasingly sophisticated, it will need computer consulting and support to upgrade and migrate computer systems in order to maintain an optimal IT infrastructure that will support core business functions.

Is your network always available? – Because your organization depends upon its IT infrastructure to support its computing needs, it needs to have a reliable network that ensures connectivity and availability. A reliable network with maximum uptime will make it easy for IT users to access necessary resources when they need them.

CMB Support Can Help – CMB has more than fifteen years of experience in IT and computer network design, consulting and support services for small and medium-sized organizations. We have designed and built more than 20,000 networks for organizations that have simple, moderately, or extremely complicated computer networking needs. We have the knowledge, training and experience to design an IT network that is ideal for your organization’s needs.

Does your network meet your current and future needs? – We will design and build a secure and streamlined network that will ensure that all of your organization’s IT users have easy access to network resources such as printers and servers. Our network designs will take into account when, where, and how your organization uses information in order to create a network that will support users’ computing needs.

Additional Services Provided

Application virtualization Design & Server Implementation
Office Data Center Migration & Relocation Services
Cloud Hosted Exchange Services
IT Security & Risk Assessments

Application Virtualization Design & Server Implementation

As your organization’s IT needs change and as hardware ages and software applications need to be upgraded, consider investing in application and software virtualization solutions.

Reduce dependencies on expensive hardware – Reduce the number of servers that your organization needs by purchasing a few high quality servers and “virtualizing” or installing other application-based servers on them. Not only will this reduce the upfront capital spent on hardware, it will also reduce administrative costs. Contact us for more information on server and data virtualization.

Decrease administrative overhead through application virtualization – Decrease the hours spent configuring and patching individual applications on individual machines by virtualizing the applications on a host server. Application virtualization makes it easy to configure and patch one master application profile and push it out to all workstations and terminals. Not only does this reduce administrative overhead, in the event that a user has a problem with his virtualized application, it is quick and easy to copy the preconfigured master application deliver it to the user with minimal turnaround time.

Work with experts to design and implement the best virtualization solution – CMB has more that fifteen years providing virtualization design and implementation services to organizations of all sizes. Our engineers are certified in recognized application and server virtualization technologies and have the knowledge and experience to help your organization choose the best virtualization solutions and then implement them with minimal interruption of services.

Office Datacenter Migration & Relocation Services

Let CMB do the heavy lifting during your relocation – As your organization matures, it will likely face growing pains. Your organization might need to move into a larger building to provide the physical storage space for your servers and computers. Perhaps your organization needs to move its offsite data from one datacenter to another in order to be compliant with a governing regulatory body. Or maybe your organization needs to move both its physical and datacenter locations.  Regardless of how or why your organization is moving its data and/or information systems, data center relocation and migration can be tricky and costly. To reduce system downtime and prevent any loss of data, trust CMB to take care of all your organization’s data center relocation service needs. Get in touch for more information on data center moving solutions.

Ensure that important data is securely stored and always available – CMB’s experiences assisting organizations of all sizes with physical information systems relocations and virtual moves from one datacenter to another.  We can help your organization design its new building to accommodate information systems and meet any regulatory needs, and then we can actually do the relocate and ensure that your organization has minimal systems downtime. If your organization needs to move its information from one datacenter to another, CMB can help you choose the best datacenter to meet your current and future datacenter solution needs and then implement the data transfer to ensure that data integrity remains uncompromised and available.

Cloud Hosted Exchange Services

Because your organization depends upon its email systems to carry out communications with customers, colleagues, and partners, it needs a reliable email system with guaranteed uptime. Unfortunately, traditional email systems with built in redundancies that prevent system downtime can be expensive when hardware, software and support costs are factored. Instead of a traditional, on premise email solution, consider CMB Hosted Exchange.

Ensure that your organization can communicate and collaborate 24/7 – With CMB Hosted Exchange, your organization gains access to tradition email services plus collaborative tools. In addition to sending and receiving email to individuals and groups, your organization can view and share contact lists and calendars, manage tasks, and more.

Trust that email access is always available – Because your staff doesn’t sit still, it needs mobile, access-anywhere email. Our Hosted Exchange solution is accessible anytime and anywhere there is internet connectivity. Hosted Exchange email is accessible via a browser or Outlook Web access. With our wireless email synchronization services, email is also available on your portable, internet-enabled smart tablets and phones.

Know that email is secure and backed up – Your Cloud Hosted Exchange solution is housed in CMB’s four SOC 1 / SOC 2 compliant tier-4 data centers that are housed on U.S. soil. Your Hosted Exchange data and services are housed in a fully clustered and redundantly backed up environment to ensure that your organization always has access to its critical email services.

IT Security & Risk Assessments

Are you sure that your IT systems are protected against threats? – Your organization needs to ensure that its IT systems and the data stored on them are secure against internal and external risks. IT security threats include malware, data corruption and loss, loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, and loss of reputation. Because the nature of IT risks is constantly evolving, it can be difficult for your organization to handle IT risk assessment and proactively secure its network. While your organization could hire a full-time information systems security expert to take care of its security needs, that can be expensive and impractical. Instead, partner with CMB for your IT & network security service needs.

Get an IT security risk assessment and learn about IT systems weaknesses – A properly secured technology infrastructure will insure that your organization is protected against threats, while ensuring that your data and business reputation remain intact. Contact us for more information. CMB will evaluate your organization for internal and external security threats. We will consider how you your organization uses its IT systems and the types of data it creates. Then we will create and implement a comprehensive and proactive security plan that will protect your organization against threats. In the event that your organization is in a vertical market that has trade organization or government requirements, CMB will ensure that your security assessment and proactive plan meet those requirements.

The fight against Viral Warfare – Network Security has become a vital corporate strategy in the past months. With the continued rise of “viral warfare” launched on the networks of the world it has been a key strategic strategy or corporate America to be constantly updated and prepared for the latest assaults. CMB Networks Solutions, a Dallas, TX based firm specializes in the security of network infrastructure and is a leader in the fight against viral warfare.

Viral Warfare is a term that will be around for as long as there is connectivity to a centralized global networking system such as the World Wide Web. It makes no difference the size of your organization because those attacking do not put faces or names to their devastation. They merely want to destroy everything they can infiltrate.

We understand the urgency and importance of launching a counter offensive on this global problem. Our team of experts can assist you in creating a strategic plan of action and the tactical processes to attain an advantage against this treat. Our plan consists of these basic elements.

Conduct An Independent Asset Review Of Your Enterprise

  • Review your current policies and procedures
  • Regression testing of your current security model
  • Implement and test disaster recovery strategy
  • Create a comprehensive policy and procedure manual
  • Viral Warfare training for your senior staff

CMB Network Solutions understands companies, no matter what the size, cannot afford to be subject to this new warfare. In addition, our findings show, most midsize to small organizations do not have network specialists to assist in the prevention of the attack, and certainly have no way of knowing if their backups work, assuming they backup at all.

CMB Network Solutions Can Help You With The Fight Against Viral Warfare.